Qr Code and Serial Number Printing Adhesive Hologram Foiled Stickers Label

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The advantages of holographic technology:

1. Holography produces 2D/3D laser effect with vivid patterns including logo, figures or animation etc.
2. Hologram labels actually are almost impossible to be counterfeited and unique for the brand.
3. Hologram labels can be a trademark as well. Any industries can use the hologram labels to strengthen their brand image in the market.

Product Description
Item Security 3D Laser holography label sticker
Material adhesive paper, synthetic paper, PP, PVC, PET, OPP, BOPP, with glossy or matt lamination
Printing color full color
Color of material white, matt silver/gold, glossy silver/gold, clear, hologram, frosty
Shape & Size Square/ Circle/ Rectangle/ Oval/ Custom Required
Printing Letterpress printing/UV printing
Surface Printing Logo, Text, Serial number, Bar code, QR
Feature 1) waterproof and sticky
2) Hologram or hot foil or barcode or serial number can be used3) High security, anti-counterfeiting
4) good quality printing, durable
5) disposable, aseptic, bio-degradable, recycled
Die cut sheet, rolled or customized
Usage Custom Sticker, Bottled Beverage, Food, Price Tags, Shipping Labels, Packaging Film, Medicine, Customized

√. 100% custom hologram design and image
√. No stock holograms used
√. Tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit
√. Serial numbering options
√. Unparalleled customer service

Trusted by companies, government entities, banks, manufacturers, and small businesses all over the world, we believe your custom hologram stickers can offer security, branding and beauty at the same time.

Custom Hologram Image & Design

Protect against counterfeiting. Customizing the hologram image itself makes your security label much more difficult for a fraudster to copy. In addition to security, you get hologram stickers that have full holographic visual appeal. All hologram stickers we create for our clients are custom holograms, where we embed your customized logo, text, visual design and other graphics directly into the hologram image itself. We do not use stock holograms and do not simply “imprint” or “overprint” using an ink printing process.

Tamper-evident, Serial Numbering

Our hologram stickers are tamper-evident, meaning they are designed to break apart when removed.

Holographic & Security Option

Depending on your marketing and security needs, we can create security hologram stickers for you with some or a combination of the following holographic and security features listed below. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the holographic effects. Our team will help you determine which effects best to meet your uses use case(such as lighting conditions, prioritization of security vs marketing flair, etc.). All our hologram stickers include tamper-proof, tamper-evident backing free of charge. You can also add consecutive serial numbering, micro text security, and other options.

Our Commitment to You

Our team aims to make every customer experience a truly positive one. We promise our customers high quality products at extremely competitive prices, all with unparalleled customer service. We can render a hologram label design from your existing computer graphic file (i.e., your logo), or create a hologram label design from scratch. For true 3D holograms, we’ll make the physical miniature model for you. The process for creating a fully customized hologram label typically takes 1 week, depending on the level of complexity. Starting from your initial contact with us, we will guide you through your options (whether to optimize design or to help you cut costs) so that the holograms you receive are beautiful and within budget.



Q: Why the MOQ is 10000pcs?

A: For hologram stickers, mold fees for customization is very high over small quantity. due to volume discounts and some fixed production costs, the average price per sticker is significantly cheaper as order quantity increases.

Q: What kinds of hologram can we make?

A: Hologram ID Overlay, Hologram Pouch, Hologram Hot Stamping, Destructible Eggshell Hologram Stickers, Hologram Card, Scratch Hologram, Generic Design Hologram Label, Barcode Hologram, Hologram Price Label, Holographic Film, Hologram Tape, Holographic Paper, Textile Hologram, Hologram Dome and so on. Please contact me for checking.


Q: What information is required for a quotation?

A: Dimension, material, quantity, design file, and other requirements.

Q: What your lead time?
A: From start to finish, each project usually requires about 11 days, 7 days for opening mold and 4 days for producing. If the project involves complex requirements, the process can take about 2-3 weeks, depending on specifications.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Please send me an enquiry or contact me by the contact info below. Wechat/Whatsapp is more convenient.

Q: How do I decide what holographic effects I need?
A: Simply email us or give us a call. Our experienced team will discuss your objectives and then help you determine what works best and within budget. In many, customers simply give us the context and idea they want (i.e. company logo on a 20x20mm sticker for product brand identity and security) and then leave the fine details to our team. To give you the perfect hologram, we’ll discuss things like: how will the hologram be used (marketing vs security or both), the surface on which the stickers will be adhered, lighting environments in which will they be viewed, etc.

Features & Functions:
1) 100% custom hologram design and image;
2) No stock holograms used;
3) Tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit;
4) Serial numbering options;
5) Unparalleled customer service.

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Qr Code and Serial Number Printing Adhesive Hologram Foiled Stickers Label

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Qr Code and Serial Number Printing Adhesive Hologram Foiled Stickers Label

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